The Pros and Cons of Learning Spanish with Songs, Including Bad Bunny

Learning Spanish with songs can be a fun and effective method, especially when you truly enjoy the music. But, not all songs are beginner-friendly. In this blog post, we’ll explore the experience of learning Spanish with songs, focusing on Bad Bunny’s music as an example. You’ll learn the advantages and disadvantages and you’ll get guidance on selecting appropriate songs to improve your language learning journey.

When a student asked me to help them understand a Bad Bunny song, I was excited yet cautious. Bad Bunny’s music is incredibly popular, but not all his songs are suitable for beginners. Nevertheless, we decided to work together on deciphering the lyrics of one song the student loved. This experience highlighted the importance of connecting deeply with the music, allowing for repeated listening to fully grasp its meaning.

While I appreciate Bad Bunny’s music and other urban-style songs, I generally advise beginners to explore different genres when learning Spanish. Reggaeton and similar styles often feature fast-paced lyrics, challenging pronunciation, and occasional grammatical shortcuts to maintain the rhythm. This can be overwhelming for those starting their Spanish language journey. Therefore, I discourage relying solely on Bad Bunny’s music for language acquisition.


Is it good or not good to learn Spanish with Bad Bunny?

Well, it depends on your Spanish proficiency level. If you have an intermediate or advanced understanding of Spanish, Bad Bunny’s songs can provide valuable insights into slang, expressions, metaphors, and cultural elements. However, for beginners, diving straight into Bad Bunny’s songs may lead to frustration or feeling overwhelmed. It’s important to build a solid foundation before tackling more complex songs.

That being said, as a beginner, you can still benefit from Bad Bunny’s songs as supplementary resources to familiarize yourself with the language and culture. But, don’t let the difficulty level discourage you. If you find his songs challenging, it’s perfectly fine to set them aside temporarily and focus on more beginner-friendly options.

Is learning Spanish with song recommended?

Learning with songs is a unique and enjoyable process that involves listening to the music, reading the lyrics, singing along, and practicing pronunciation. When done correctly, it can significantly enhance your language learning journey. However, it’s crucial to choose songs wisely, considering your proficiency level and personal preferences.

In my own language learning experiences with Italian, English, and French, I’ve had great fun and success using songs as a learning tool. They provide a memorable way to learn vocabulary, expressions, and cultural nuances. If you’re interested in a step-by-step guide on using songs to learn Spanish, I’ve shared a detailed resource on my blog titled “Learn Spanish with Songs Anywhere.”

You’ll also find recommendations for beginner-friendly songs to get you started.


Learning Spanish with songs can be an enjoyable and effective approach to language acquisition. Remember to choose songs that align with your proficiency level and personal taste. While Bad Bunny’s music may be challenging for beginners, it can be a valuable resource for intermediate and advanced learners. The key is to connect with the music, have fun, and let the language flow naturally as you explore the world of Spanish through songs.

Have you learned Spanish with songs? How was your experience?