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One effective way of learning Spanish are one-to-one lessons online. In these lessons you can receive help and guidance from a teacher.

Even if the lessons are online or offline a Spanish teacher will help you and guide you on the topics you need to learn and he/she will support you to maintain the motivation needed so you don’t quit during this journey of learning Spanish.

Having a teacher by your side who can guide you with individual Spanish lessons online allows you to be committed with your learning process and get over those moments when you can lose your focus or motivation.

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Today I would like to share with you some important elements about one-to-one lessons with Spanish teachers online and its benefits to learn in a more effective way. Keep reading to learn more about it.



Motivation to lears Spanish with a private teacher

Motivation is important to learn anything. It is important that both, student and teacher, have in mind the objective and motivation of the student to work as a team.

As a teacher myself in my individual lessons of Spanish online I always work on applying all the topics to my student context, his interests, her real life… This way my student can connect the knowledge with his/her own life and use the language in his/her daily life.

Because of this I am going to help you be motivated in my lessons and get involved with your learning process. This way you will see and feel Spanish as part of your life.



It is really important that class topics needs to be relevant to the student context and objectives. This way the brain retains all the information in a better way. Because of it a Spanish teacher online will be able to adapt the topics and personalized your learning.

An important part of my lessons and of my relationship with my students is to get to know them (his/her family, interests and objectives) because this helps me to personalize lessons and they get involved within the lessons.

Step by step I adapt topics learned to the student’s life. Doing so helps them remember topics better and use the language to talk about them and their life.

I believe that when we learn a language, we do it because you want to express our own ideas, talk about us, our life and connect with others. Therefore, I always encourage my students to talk about them and to use the language to express themselves.



Improve your Spanish with constancy

Having constancy is really important when we want to achieve a goal. That’s why learning Spanish with individual lessons and with the support of a teacher will help you to be more constant.

Do you know why? Well, because being committed to a teacher to go to weekly lessons will keep you active and motivated. You will use the language and you will not lose rhythm nor motivation.

This is similar to when you enroll to the gym with a friend or hire a personal coach. We feel committed to this person and we don’t lose momentum or stop going in the middle of the process. We don’t want to fail to that other person. In, conclusion, perseverance is really important to see our own progress and get even more motivated.



Learn Spanish online and having fun

Having fun is another key when learning languages. As a teacher I always try to bring fun and joy in my lessons. We laugh and relax. I teach my students that we can laugh about us and have fun in the learning process.

Taking into consideration this is why in my one-to-one lessons I bring games, relaxed conversations, stories and funny examples.

The learning process doesn’t have to be so serious and strict. Therefore, we should allow ourselves some moments of relax because these will help our brain to retain information better.



Online lessons to improve your Spanish

We all know that just reading and understanding theory it’s not everything we need to learn a language. That is not how it works. We must practice, trial and error, make mistakes and keep going to learn. And this is far more important than theory.

Taking one-to-one lessons with a Spanish teacher will help you to go beyond theory. Above all, a teacher can help you to practice the language, speak more fluent, improve your pronunciation and clear any doubts that may arise.

Thus my one-to-one lessons are focused to practice speaking, listening and using Spanish in different contexts.

As I always say, we are a team. We worked not only during lesson time, but also between lessons. I send exercises to practice at home (images, videos, readings). So, my students can be in touch with Spanish inside and outside the classroom.

In addition, we should avoid frustrations. We must understand that learning a language is a journey. It is a non-linear process. There will be hard moments. You might feel that you’re e not moving forward. But at the end the important thing is you keep it going. In other words, having a teacher by your side will help you overcome the hardest parts and laugh about it and enjoy it.


With my classes I not only want you to learn Spanish but also to enjoy the road and the process. So, if you are interested in taking Spanish lessons online with me you can check out my one-to-one programs here.

If you have any doubts about your learning style, I’ve created a LEARNING STYLE QUIZ you can take to find out your learning style and how you can use it as your super power to improve your language learning.

Tell me in the comments, have you learned Spanish with a Spanish teacher before? I would love to know more about your experience.