One of the reasons why a few years ago I decided to turn my life 180 degrees and became an online Spanish teacher is that I have always believed that learning other languages allows us to discover new worlds. With this we can benefit from a great cultural diversity, meet and connect with many people and enrich our lives with it.

I am also one of those who thinks that when we embark on a new trip to live in another country, speaking the language of the country we are arriving at makes our experience much more complete and enriching.

For these reasons a few years ago when I started my project, I knew that being an online Spanish teacher was what I wanted since I was a kid, because it was what made me happy.

If you keep reading, I’ll tell you how my path has been until I became an online Spanish teacher, a job that I am passionate about.


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My name is Betsy, I am Venezuelan and Chilean, I have lived for many years in Venezuela but it was until 2014 that I decided to move to Chile, where I currently reside and work as an online Spanish teacher.

I am an architect by profession and I have to confess that I love design and for years I worked on it. But in 2019 I realized that what I was doing did not make me happy anymore, it did not align with me in that moment. It was then that I decided to make a radical change in my life by becoming an online Spanish teacher.

I admit that getting to that moment and discovering that what I really wanted was to be an online Spanish teacher was not an easy task. For this I had to make a deep journey inside myself and discover what it was that filled me at that moment.

But once I found myself with what made me happy as a child, I discovered that languages had always been part of me. I have always studied English, as well as other languages such as French and Italian and that is how I changed and went from being an architect to an online Spanish teacher.



Online Spanish teacher


I really enjoy it a lot and I have many reasons why being a Spanish teacher online is my passion, but some of the most important for me are:

✏ One of the things I like the most is connecting with other people around the world.

✏ By teaching Spanish I share my culture with my students.

✏ I enjoy seeing their progress, I love helping them feel safe and see how they express themselves in this new language for them.

✏ I love knowing that I can help other people with my knowledge of Spanish.

✏ Being an online Spanish teacher I can work from home or from anywhere in the world, thus achieving freedom of time and place.



I am passionate about knowing other languages because it allows me to access other cultures. Besides, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world after Chinese and followed by English. And it is the official language in 21 countries, so it is spoken by about 483 million people.

Spanish is more than a language, there are many cultures, countries and traditions that are similar and different from each other. That is why by learning it we will know a multitude of cultures and we will connect with thousands of people in Latin America, Europe …

Teaching Spanish is for me a wonderful journey that has led me to meet and help hundreds of people from all over the world. And doing so I help to open the doors to new knowledge, cultures, in short, discover a new world before their eyes.


Learning Spanish online with Betsy


If you want to know even more about me and how I do my Spanish classes, I invite you to visit my website Learn Spanish to live and work in chile Start your journey to learn Spanish. There you will find more information about my work. And you will find everything you will need to start that great journey that is to learn a new language and a new culture.

You can also leave me in comments. What is learning a new language for you? And if, like me, you consider it an enriching experience both on a personal level and on a cultural and cultural level.


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