Learn Spanish and connect with friends and family around the world

One-to-one Spanish lessons

Learn Spanish and connect with friends and family around the world

One-to-one Spanish lessons

¿Do you want to speak Spanish with many people around the world?

Maybe you already know some words but you feel lost and you don’t know where or how to start. You don’t want to feel ashamed of making mistakes and/or not understand anything other people say in Spanish and feel isolated. Learning Spanish will help you connect with other people and feel that you belong to that particular place.

Step by step you will learn new words and expressions you need to feel independent and free when speaking Spanish in any particular situation. With one-to-one Spanish lessons you will have the support you need to learn Spanish and move forward with the confidence you need to achieve your goal of speaking Spanish and connect with thousand of people around the world

Profesora de español online

Are you thinking of living or traveling to a Spanish-speaking country but you don't know Spanish?

If you feel:

Enjoy the process of learning Spanish with individual lessons and get...

Aprender español online

Request a free trial class. We will meet and talk about your goals. I will tell you how we can work together to achieve it

Individual Spanish lessons online where you will learn what is really important for you and your interests

You will always have my help to solve your doubts and you will be in a safe environment where you can develop your confidence speaking Spanish

When do you want to get results? Choose the program that best fits your needs:

Spanish Program

Spanish lessons commited program

Commit yourself with your monthly learning. Take 1 or 2 lessons a week at any time that best fits your schedule enjoying the process and being sure you’ll get results.

Intensive day in Spanish

overcoming language barrier, becoming confident abroad

With this experience you get 3 hours together to practice Spanish in different situations you may need to get ready for your trip to Latin America.

What do you get in both programs?

Individual lessons online are for you if…

Individual lessons online are probably not for you if…

Estudia español online
Betsy tiny

Who will guide you in your Spanish classes?

Hi, I’m Betsy Cárcamo. I’m a native Spanish teacher. I’m Venezuelan and Chilean. I have experience learning other languages such as English, French and Italian. I can understand your needs and process of learning Spanish. I will help you to feel confident in your learning process and enjoy it using different techniques I have used to learn other languages.

I have lived in Chile since 2014 and I know how it feels to get to a new country that speaks Spanish but nevertheless not being able to understand some things.

I strongly believe that learning languages is a process. It’s a journey you must enjoy and I’m here to help you achieve it step by step, start your journey now.

Start learning Spanish online and you will...

Do you want to start learning Spanish and connect with family and friends without fear and with confidence?

Request a free trial class. We will meet and talk about your goals. I will tell you how we can work together to achieve it

My students say...

These are some testimonials from my students

Betsy is truly an amazing teacher. She makes me feel comfortable and safe, and every lesson is a new and fun experience. She is always prepared and takes great initiative which makes it easy to stay motivated and focused on learning. I would happily recommend Betsy to anyone who is looking for not just a teacher, but a friend who can guide you along the way on your journey to learning a new language 🙂
Caroline L.
Betsy is amazing. She is patient and makes me feel comfortable every lesson. I had 0 experience, yet she is giving me the confidence people need to speak a new language. Betsy is professional and you can tell that she has a lot of experience. I highly recommend booking classes with Betsy. She makes every lesson fun 🙂

Michelle S.
Highly organised teacher with very positive energy. Classes are always fun and tailored to your needs. Given texts and videos are often related to your points of interest. Betsy uses grammar sheets, videos, music, texts, homework.. and all new words/spelling and pronunciation corrections are logged in a specific doc so you can review it whenever you want. Would definitely recommend.
Thomas S.