One to One Spanish Lessons

Learn and improve your Spanish with online private lessons

The One to One Lessons is an excellent opportunity to learn and practice Spanish with lessons tailored to your needs and insterests

One to One Spanish Lessons

I will help you at the pace or intensity you decide. Including grammar, vocabulary and all four skills (speaking, reading, listening and writing).

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Studying Spanish online

Programs to learn Spanish online

Different programs for different needs. The program you need will be tailored to your characterictics, needs, insterests and goals.


Indivisual Spanish lessons


Indivisual Spanish lessons

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My students

This is what my students say:

Betsy is truly an amazing teacher. She makes me feel comfortable and safe, and every lesson is a new and fun experience. She is always prepared and takes great initiative which makes it easy to stay motivated and focused on learning. I would happily recommend Betsy to anyone who is looking for not just a teacher, but a friend who can guide you along the way on your journey to learning a new language 🙂
Caroline L.
Betsy is amazing. She is patient and makes me feel comfortable every lesson. I had 0 experience, yet she is giving me the confidence people need to speak a new language. Betsy is professional and you can tell that she has a lot of experience. I highly recommend booking classes with Betsy. She makes every lesson fun 🙂

Michelle S.
Highly organised teacher with very positive energy. Classes are always fun and tailored to your needs. Given texts and videos are often related to your points of interest. Betsy uses grammar sheets, videos, music, texts, homework.. and all new words/spelling and pronunciation corrections are logged in a specific doc so you can review it whenever you want. Would definitely recommend.
Thomas S.

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Book a FREE trial lesson and together we will see what is the best program for you