My resources as a online teacher

Here I share with you all the apps and resources to work as a Spanish teacher online

Here you can see the resources that I use for the different tasks that I do as an online teacher of Spanish: give classes by videoconference, create and maintain the website, my blog, promote all my products and services through the internet, etc.

This is all the hardware, programs and other tools that I use today or have used in the past and that I recommend to other online teachers because I like them and find them useful. 

I use or have used all the resources that appear on this page, although some of them are an evolution or an update of the equipment that I own. All the resources have links to the web pages where they can be purchased and some of them are affiliate links, with which I will earn a small commission if you buy the product. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Apps and software


To design my website


Platform to host my meetings and lessons


Design my post, presentations and materialsc


Website builder


My hosting and I buy my domain

Adobe PDF

To open PDF documents and lesson materials


International online payment system

Template OceanWP

Template I use in my website


My email marketing platform

Google Drive

To upload lesson materials and documents


Social media network to connect with followers


To buy and sell teaching materials


To schedule lessons and meetings


Email service


The social media I use the most to connect with followers


The app I use to manage my tasks


Tablet Samsung S7

Tablet with pencil to teach, plan, study and work

Acer Expire Vx 15

Portatil Acer Aspire VX 15

My personal computer

Webcam Logitech C922 Pro Stream

Webcam I use to teach online


Microphone I use to teach online


Lamp and support for my phone to record videos and teach

Teaching resources

D4 Spanish

PDF materials I use to teach online


Website with multiple materials and topics to teach spanish online

Ole Edu

Website with materials I use to teach Spanish online

Mila Muñoz

Games and materials to teach online

Productivity and planning

Agendas digitales

Digital notebooks and planners I use and love

Google calendar

To keep my bookings, planning and meetings up to dateca


To plan and keep track of my projects and to do lista

Toggl track

To track time spend in different projects and work related activities

Mentors and education

Mireia Martinez

My mentor in webdesign, personal branding and business strategy

Tati Uribe

Her courses and resources helped me to start learning about Social Media and Personal Branding

Lucia Jimenez Vida

FOCUS program helped me to plan better and achieve my goals

Ana Martinez

My mentor to design, create and start my teaching project

Dica Velazquez

Her program EMPRESARIAS CREATIVAS helped me to build my business idea and mindset

Gabriela Higa

VIBRA PRODUCTIVA program helped me to organize and start using Asana to manage my projects and to do lists

Helene Colinet

TPRS-CI and POTENCIA TUS CLASES program have helped me to teach using language adquisition techniques

Ole Edu

Online course to create materials

Sergio Delgado

Online Spanish teacher with multiple resourses, ebooks, courses and mentorships to help you grow your online business

Enjoy Español

My mentor in teaching Spanish online for kidse


Online platform to learn for language teachers

Books I recommend