A little bit more about me...

I studied architecture

I love design and interior design. I worked as an architect prior to teaching Spanish.

I love chocolate

My favorite cake is chocolate with crem chocolate cake.

I dream of living in Europe

I want to live in Europe someday

I love romantic comedy movies

I enjoy watching my favorite romantic comedy movies all the time

I love Pop, Indie and Pop Rock music

I listen to Spanish and English music such as: Artic Monkeys, Ed Sheeran, Shakira, Sin Bandera, etc...

I am Venezuelan and Chilean

My mom is from Venezuela and my dad is from Chile

My favorite seasons are winter and autumn

Although I was born in a Caribbean country I love the cold weather

I have never seen falling snow

Although I have seen snow I have never been able to see snow falling from the sky

I love christmas

I enjoy all the christmas activities.

I would love to speak 5 languages

I studied Italian and French but I need more practice.

What do you like?

I would like to know more about you.