My students say...

These are some testimonials from my students of 1-to-1 Lessons

Betsy is truly an amazing teacher. She makes me feel comfortable and safe, and every lesson is a new and fun experience. She is always prepared and takes great initiative which makes it easy to stay motivated and focused on learning. I would happily recommend Betsy to anyone who is looking for not just a teacher, but a friend who can guide you along the way on your journey to learning a new language 🙂
Caroline L.
Betsy is amazing. She is patient and makes me feel comfortable every lesson. I had 0 experience, yet she is giving me the confidence people need to speak a new language. Betsy is professional and you can tell that she has a lot of experience. I highly recommend booking classes with Betsy. She makes every lesson fun 🙂

Michelle S.
Highly organised teacher with very positive energy. Classes are always fun and tailored to your needs. Given texts and videos are often related to your points of interest. Betsy uses grammar sheets, videos, music, texts, homework.. and all new words/spelling and pronunciation corrections are logged in a specific doc so you can review it whenever you want. Would definitely recommend.
Thomas S.
I choose to work with Betsy because the flexibility and emphasis on conversation. I like that lessons feel more natural than a formal "class setting". I learn things that I may actually want to say, and the immediate feedback if something I say doesn't sound right helps me learn the correct thing before I have to unlearn something that is incorrect. I also really appreciate how fun/easy going you are to talk to and that you are attentive to my needs in learning Spanish - asking me how difficult homework is, what things I'd like to learn, and helping me when somedays I have little motivation to learn.
Lexi A.
United States
Betsy is a great tutor. She has been tutoring me for almost a year now, and I have made so much progress. All of my friends have even noticed how much better I have gotten. Betsy is very patient and have many ways of tailoring the lessons to fit your needs. When we are in a lessons I am always laughing and having fun while learning. It is so much easier to learn and retain things we you are enjoying the lessons. I recommend anyone that is interested to try lessons with Betsy. I have already recommended one of my friends because she is truly a great tutor.
United States
After taking lessons with Betsy, I feel as though my language skills have increased, especially in the area of sentence structure, that I could carry on basic conversation with a Spanish speaking person. I like the introductory conversational exercises.
Nathan S.
United States
I tried the free trial lesson and liked the way of teaching a lot and she is just very fun and flexible, and forcing me to talk spanish and trying sentences which is very good! I'm happy with the lessons. Making a story in Spanish was very fun, and I like it that Betsy really looks into topics that I work with or interest me.
Lisanne D.
I feel Betsy's classes are very good . What I like the most is Betsy's organised teaching plan. And how speaking, listening and reading are all addressed in every lesson. Class is brilliant.
Karen B.
I've been learning with Betsy for a few months now having one lesson a week. She is an amazing teacher! She caters her lessons to what I'm interested in learning and manages to find material well suited to my goals and level. Doing this for both the lessons and homework I doubt can be easy, but she has done it really well! The lessons are also extremely well structured: we start with an open conversation allowing me to practice speaking free form, then we go through the homework, and finally we focus on exercises targeting specific learning objectives. She makes sure to note down everything new to me in a doc I can always refer to so I don't have to worry about writing down everything. The homework is also very well prepared. It always revolves around the topics we focus on class giving me the chance to practice more. Finally she is just so pleasant to talk to, patient and always friendly. I wish she were my Spanish school teacher 😀 Thanks Betsy!
United Kingdom
I was in Chile for two months and wanted to improve my spanish whilst here as my wife is chilean and my son half chilean. What I like the most is the structure of the lessons, the booking system, the home work is achievable for a quick turn around and the convenience of online lessons. After taking lessons with Betsy I have a good understanding of some new concepts and have a higher level of confidence in my spanish, I have a good idea of what I need to work on.
Nick K.
I´m fully satisfied with Betsy's teaching skills and methods. She is highly motivated and has very good teaching skills. Her motivation, creativity, working ethics and humor is a perfect composition to help me to improve my language skills. She regularly introduces some new games in order to keep me motivated.
Martin M.

These are some testimonials from my students of Club Internacional de Conversación

Me encantó la experiencia del club. Los grupos son pequeños así que cada persona tiene tiempo para responder a las preguntas. El nivel de los estudiantes es avanzado y eso me gustó. Los profesores son profesionales con un buen sentido del humor. El ritmo de la sesión hace pasar el tiempo muy rápido.
Danielle N.
Elegí unirme al club por la experiencia que ofrecen. Quería mejorar mi vocabulario y participando en el club me ha ayudado a sentirme con más confianza. Lo que más me gusta es poder escuchar diferentes acentos en español.

Jonathan P.